Under Animal welfare

An elderly female dog was found suffering from excessive weakness and generalized mange in Siddhigiri Bagh area. We attended her, gave her good bath and applied medication along with injections. We were taking care of her food and medication. We visited her twice daily. But today at around 12:45 pm she was found dead due to heat stroke and thirst. We had requested people living in that locality to at least give her water in between our visit but they could not do so. She was recovering from her poor health and skin problem but now all our effort has gone to vain.

Under Animal welfare

An animal lover who cares for streets animals informed us about a bull who was unable to stand or walk and was in immense pain due to infection and maggot infestation in his hoof. He was found in Tehseal area, Varanasi. We attended him and his infected hoof was treated..

Under Animal welfare

This bull was found on Rathyatra - Mahmoorganj road and had sustained injury near right eye during a bull fight. The wound had got infected with lots of maggot in it. We were informed by one of our team member about his condition. His right eye was totally buried under the swelling. We cleaned his wound, it was made maggot free and medication was given. Slowly his wound healed and his right eye was saved from destruction due to periorbital infection and maggots..

Under Animal welfare

A calf had sustained injury due to hit by a moving vehicle in Mahmoorganj. His wound was cleaned and medication was started. Now his wound has healed and is able to move around.

Under Animal welfare

Two bulls in Ashfaque Nagar colony with maggot infested hoof was attended, cleaning and dressing of wound was done.

Under Animal welfare

This bull had sustained injury by a penetrating object and his wound was full of maggots. His wound was cleaned and dressed and is maggot free now.He was found at Rathyatra crossing.

Camp in Garhiya Slum, Nadesar, Varanasi

Dental and general health checkup camp was held in Garhiya Slum,Nadesar, Varanasi in collaboration with MGKVP Department of Social Work. In this camp more than 100 people and kids were examined and it was found that most of them were suffering from chelated teeth due to high fluoride content of water, pyorrhoea due to bad oral hygiene and nursing bottle feeding caries. Other general problems were like skin infection, worm infestation, anaemia and calcium deficiency. Our special thanks to HOD Dr.A.N.Singh, Dr.K.K.Singh, Dr.Chandrashekhar Singh and students of social work department for their enthusiastic effort. It wouldn't have been possible without them.

Routine Disinfection Of Slum

Routine disinfection of JP Nagar was done by our volunteer girls.

Lecture On Stress Free Life

It was an honour for us to have Dr.Sanjay Gupta Sir Prof. and HOD Psychiatry Dept. IMS, BHU, with us who gave a lecture on how to live a stress free life and interacted with us on our day to day problems.Dr.Sanjay Gupta sir is running a program name " Khushaali Ek Prayas " in which they have provided a help line over which any one who is feeling depressed or is under stress can call and share their problems. They provide solution for your problems.

Haemoglobin Estimation Camp In Chittupur

Haemoglobin estimation camp was held in Chittupur,Varanasi in which 50% were found anaemic.

Session On Calcium Defeciency,Anemia And Various Cervical Lesions

A talk and awareness program was conducted by Dr.Shweta Tiwari in Baulia slum.The ladies of the slum were made aware of sign and symptoms of calcium deficiency,anemia and various cervical lesions.They were examined for such pathology and basic medication was provided.


Free BMD Test For Slum Dwellers

Bone mass density test was arranged for slum dwellers to know the level of calcium deficiency in slum dwellers at trust office. Amongst all 80% of them were found to osteopenic and 20% osteoporotic. Not a single person was found to be normal. After the test calcium with Vitamin D was given and they were also told about rich sources of calcium and vitamin D - natural and low cost.

Session On Scabies & Pediculosis

A session on Scabies - infestation by itch mite and Pediculosis - infestation by lice was taken by Dr. Mangesh Kumar for our volunteer girls and other slum dwellers. They were made aware how to identify when a person is infested, what should be done to stop the spread and what precautions should be taken. They were also told about the complications of this infestation.

Class on Family Planning

A class on family planning was taken by Dr. Shweta Tiwari for slum women. They were told about various methods of family planning, how one can improve their socioeconomic status by planning their family. They were educated on which method will be suitable for whom. They were told about the effects and side effects of methods and how to manage if anything goes wrong.

Session On Oral Hygiene

A session on how to maintain good oral hygiene and how to take care of our teeth's was taken by Dr.Jaya Rai. At the end of session girls were asked questions.Distribution of tooth paste and tooth brush was done.

Screening Of Slum Dwellers For Oral Lesions

The slum dwellers were screened for various oral lesions in the slum. They were also made aware about primary oral lesions and there sign & symptoms.

Rural General Health Checkup

General health checkup was done in Belwa village,Araji Line and treatment was given.Compulsory deworming of each one was done.Importance of regular deworming was explained.

Screening For Cervical Cancer In Slum

Ladies of JP Nagar slum were screened for various cervical lesions - PAP smear was taken in the slum. Four were found with pathology who were brought to the centre and free Colposcopy was done. After that treatment was given to each one.

Program on dental hygiene in JP Nagar Slum School

A program on how to maintain good oral hygiene and proper brushing technique was taken by our community health worker (CHW) Miss Preeti under guidance of Dr. Jaya Rai. There were 50 children of 4 to 8 years age group. Amongst them most of them were found to have carries teeth and some with mall alignment due to habit of bottle feeding. At the end of program tooth past and brush were distributed to the children

Class on Tuberculosis & National Child Immunization Schedule

A class on infection tuberculosis commonly known as TB was taken by Dr. Shweta Tiwari and Dr. Mangesh Kumar for our volunteers and slum women. What is this infection, how it is acquired, what all organs are infected, what prevention should be taken once a person contracts this and what is the importance of its proper treatment were discussed. Main emphasis was given on DOT’s program and how one can get benefited from this program.
National child immunization schedule was told by our CHW Ms. Madhuri. Importance of child immunization at correct time was discussed. They were also told about myths and misconception about vaccines. In this way we educated the slum dwellers about the importance of vaccination.

Lecture On Food And Nutrition

Lecture on role of proper nutrition for healthy life style was given by Dr.Rashmi Singh Food Scientist. Her main objective was "We have to EARN health".E - exercise,A - attitude,R - rest and N - nutrition. She also gave emphasis on nutritious value of low cost food.


A class on HIV and AIDS was taken by Dr.Shweta Tiwari. She talked about how one gets this infection,the preventive measures,post exposure prophylaxis and treatment.

Lecture on importance of home made remedies for various diseases

A lecture on preventive aspects of various diseases by home made remedies was given by Vaidya Shri Sushil Kumar Dubey Ji working as associate prof. in Govt Ayurvedic College, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi. He talked about how to prevent common diseases for eg. cough,cold ,fever by various daily use household things for example Haldi, Jeera, Kalimirich, Ajwine etc. He also told us about the importance of drinking water which has been kept in brass utensil for 24 hrs, this will prevent cancer, skin diseases, controls diabetes and increases haemoglobin. And many more such remedies were told by him in this session.